Case study: Life beyond the sales rack
  Dec 8, 2021     News, Library, waste, Case Study, waste sector desk, circular economy

GreenCape, supported by the City of Cape Town, has recently published a resilience case study, titled: Life beyond the sales rack, focusing on Clothing Bank, an intermediary established in 2010 in Cape Town, that collects excess clothing merchandise from retail partners.

This case study, which focusses on textiles, is written to demonstrate how organisations that act as intermediaries can create economic opportunities that contribute to a circular economy in a developing country, such as South Africa.

The case study discusses:

  • How waste can be used as a resource to drive economic growth and social upliftment.
  • How intermediaries can unlock circular economy opportunities,
  • How a circular economy can be emergent from addressing economic and social imperatives in a developing country context, and
  • How collaboration enables the organisation and partnering individuals to each have
    a sustainable business model.

The case study highlights key insights, challenge, solution, outcomes and impact.

To download this case study, please click here.