Atlantis SEZ Community Stakeholder Network AGM scheduled for February 2019
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The Atlantis SEZ Community Stakeholder Network (ASEZ-CSN) AGM has been scheduled for February 2019 to enable more community organisations to participate.

Community organisations, the people of Atlantis and other interested stakeholders are hereby notified that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and election of members of the ASEZ-CSN has been scheduled for 7 February 2019. This is to replace the provisional date of 4 December 2018 that was proposed initially.

This decision has been taken collectively between GreenCape, the Oversight Committee and the Interim Committee to ensure the long-term sustainability of the ASEZ-CSN, and to uphold the integrity of its future representation. Following the practices and principles of inclusivity, it allows for more community organisations to participate democratically in the elections, and aims to ensure that the membership of the community stakeholder network is representative of the people of Atlantis.

The three members of the Oversight Committee, nominated by the community on 15 November, will continue with their existing mandate to provide electoral oversight to uphold the overall process. To support this, the Interim Stakeholder Working Committee will continue with its second mandate – to act as the transitional representation until the members of the ASEZ-CSN have been elected.

The proposed date for the AGM, to introduce the elected sectoral nominees of the community for final nominations as office bearers to the ASEZ-CSN, is 7 February 2019. The election process will be through active and registered organisations. Formal meeting invitations about the elections will be issued only by Charlotte Perang ( or Michael Webster ( from GreenCape over the following weeks.

Please contact the GreenCape office on 021 577 2719 or with any questions  about the process, or to ensure your community organisation is represented in the database.

About the Atlantis SEZ Community Stakeholder Network

A draft Terms of Reference, which will pave the way for an Atlantis SEZ community structure, the Atlantis SEZ Community Stakeholder Network (ASEZ-CSN), was presented to Atlantis community during a meeting on 15 November, and accepted at the same meeting. The ASEZ-CSN will act as a channel of communication between the Atlantis SEZ, its multi-stakeholder forums and structures, and the community of Atlantis.

The next step is to select the members of the ASEZ-CSN through sectoral elections. GreenCape manages the sectoral elections so that eligible representatives of registered and active community organisations can elect their preferred nominees to the ASEZ-CSN. As defined in the adopted Terms of Reference, these elected members will then elect their office bearers during the AGM, the first convened meeting of the ASEZ-CSN.