Case Study: Using reclaimed concrete in road construction
  Mar 1, 2019     News, Library, Document, waste, GreenCape, Construction and demolition waste, C&DW, Case Study, waste sector desk

GreenCape has been working with companies and government to showcase examples of the successful reuse of builders' rubble and demolition waste in the construction industry.

In 2017, the N2 highway near Borcherd's Quarry was upgraded. The concrete base layers were milled out, along with the asphalt top layer, creating 13 000 cubic metres of concrete and 5 000 cubic metres of asphalt ‘waste’. The project team considered the quality of the material available and designed the reclaimed aggregate back into the highway.

By designing reclaimed concrete and asphalt into the highway, landfill airspace with a value of R3.1 million was saved.

See the full case study here.