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Market Intelligence

GreenCape produces annual market intelligence reports for investors and businesses in the green economy. The Waste MIR covers opportunities across the waste value chain. Our Builders' Rubble Industry Report and a shorter industry brief, provide overviews of the business opportunities and work done to develop the sector. 

Opportunities: 2015/16 fast facts

  • About 56% of clean builders' rubble is reused in Cape Town, with the market showing robust growth and opportunities for expansion.
  • There will be crushing tenders for the City of Cape Town and Stellenbosch municipalities. For the Cape Town tender, crushing companies need to be accredited through the Solid Waste Department as a waste management service provider.
  • Eden and Drakenstein municipalities also planning to process and divert builders’ rubble from landfill, creating opportunities across the value chain.

Job creation potential

There is potential to create at least 500 new jobs, and divert ~2.3 million tons from landfill over the next four years in the City of Cape Town because of the growing market in builders’ rubble.

  • 10 jobs can be created per 1000m3 of builders' rubble processed.
  • 30 jobs can be created per 1000m3 by crushers producing high quality material.
  • The City of Cape Town can save R224 million annually by diverting 60% of material for processing. This is 93% of their solid waste management capital expenditure budget for 2016/2017.

Opportunity drivers

At the moment there are few external drivers (such as policy and legislation) dictating diversion from landfill. Current drivers are cost- and regulation-related, and include:

  • rising virgin material prices
  • transport costs
  • the regulation of waste flows
  • rising disposal costs, due to limited landfill airspace.

GreenCape's work in this space

GreenCape’s work to develop the builders’ rubble economy, in collaboration with industry stakeholders, is focusing on best practice guidelines for the crushing industry to produce high-quality products that will meet the requirements of end users.

GreenCape Workshops 

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For more information and assistance in taking advantage of these opportunities, contact Kirsten Barnes, or 021 811 0250

Key reading

The resources listed here are essential reading, which provide a greater overview of the opportunities in this sector. For other related tools, resources and information see the Library below. 

C&DW legislation resources

City of Cape Town

Integrated waste management by-law (2009) 

Construction and demolition industry

An application for construction and/or demolition in the CCT must be accompanied by an integrated waste management plan (IWMP) in accordance with the City’s Integrated Waste Management By-Law (2009). Please contact Carlo Scott at the City of Cape regarding the list of service providers,

Crushing industry

The City of Cape Town’s Integrated Waste Management By-Law (2009) also requires all waste management service providers to be registered with the City of Cape Town’s Solid Waste department. If any external waste is accepted to be stored, sorted or crushed, the aforementioned accreditation is required.

Therefore in order to access opportunities such as crushing contracts at landfill sites, companies need to be accredited by the City of Cape Town. The City is currently focusing on assisting businesses in this sector to become accredited. The process includes an application and an IWMP; assistance will be provided by City officials.

Contact person: Ebrahim Mohamed, Principal Technician – Planning, City of Cape Town, and 021 400 1142.


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