Resilience Case Study: Atlantis Renewable Energy Challenge: Building resilient youth in Atlantis
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GreenCape, in conjunction with the City of Cape Town and 100 Resilient Cities, has published a series of case studies showcasing practical examples of resilience in action in Cape Town.

Resilience is the “capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses and systems within a city to survive, adapt and grow no matter what kind of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience” (100 Resilient Cities, 2019).

GreenCape has published a resilience case study that describes the work of the Atlantis Renewable Energy Competition (AREC), an annual interschools competition for junior and high school students in Atlantis, titled: Atlantis Renewable Energy Challenge: Building resilient youth in Atlantis, South Africa.

AREC builds resilience among youth through an innovative approach of a non-curriculum based inter-school competition. By exposing the learners to the green economy, and more specifically, the renewable energy sector. It also seeks  to inspire them to tap into local and other employment opportunities in the future.

The case study discusses:

  • the employment challenges for young people in Atlantis and South Africa;
  • the establishment of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone for green technologies, and its job creation and poverty reduction potential;
  • the importance of programmes such as the AREC in the development of education and skills in order to build resilience to unemployment; and
  • the importance of partnerships and networks to support local livelihoods and employment, and promote cohesive, engaged and resilient communities who are able to survive, adapt and thrive in the face of change

To access the free case study, click on the link provided above (click the title).