Sustainable agriculture

Market intelligence

Our market intelligence report is for investors, farmers, agri-businesses, manufacturers and service providers in a number of areas – conservation agriculture, controlled environment agriculture and precision agriculture, with a strong focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and water efficiency. 

Opportunities: fast facts

The biggest opportunities for farmers, green technology manufacturers and service providers are in:

Alternative energy sources and energy efficiency

Opportunities in energy audits and greener technologies for Western Cape’s 22,574 agriculture sector facilities, including packhouses and cold stores.

  • Energy efficiency market: Estimated market for SA agriculture and agri-processing is R45.5 million, with significant scope for growth. In the wine sector, savings of up to ⅔ of energy costs has been realised.
  • Solar PV in agriculture: Investments to date total R97.8 million with market size for solar-powered irrigation at R2.9 billion. With plummeting technology costs and municipalities allowing grid feed-in, the market potential is significant.

Water use efficiency technologies in irrigation

  • Precision agriculture optimises farming inputs with savings of 30% in water using drip irrigation.

Conservation agriculture (CA)

  • 70% of grain producers in Western Cape practice CA, with significant scope for expansion in other agriculture sectors.

  • Market for manufacturing of no-till machinery is worth R1.14 billion, with opportunities for local manufacturing and export to the rest of Africa.

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA)

  • CEA involves controlling the growing environment of a crop or animal through the use of technology (from netting to computerised systems).
  • There are opportunities for local manufacture of CEA components and systems; private and equity finance; specialised skills.
  • The market for CEA in the Western Cape is valued at R600 million with 15% growth per annum predicted.

GreenCape’s work in this space

Our work aims to drive the greening of agricultural value chain in the Western Cape in two ways:

  • Growing the market for green technologies, systems and processes in agriculture and agri-processing.

  • Developing sustainable and competitive agricultural value chains

We do this through GreenAgri and the support we provide through the agriculture sector desk - market intelligence, advocacy and networking opportunities to investors, businesses and farmers in the agriculture sector. For more information, see the links on the left.

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