The Green Outcomes Fund

The Green Outcomes Fund (GOF) is a first of its kind structure, which incentivises local South African fund managers to increase investment in green Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs).

The Green Outcomes Fund aims to achieve clearly defined green outcomes, encourage greater capital allocation to green businesses by local fund managers, and catalyse increased and higher quality, consistent, reporting of green impacts.

Please note: Investment decisions will be made according to each of the respective funds’ investment mandates and processes.


The Green Outcomes Fund
  • Provides incentives to local fund managers to promote increased investment in green SMMEs.  
  • Builds a common set of green metrics within the local investment industry.




The world urgently needs to move towards models where economic growth is decoupled from natural resource use and climate mitigation pathways. In South Africa, this means investment in businesses that can generate verifiable green outcomes, whilst creating jobs, including in energy, water, waste, infrastructure and land management.

Through a partnership officially signed on 31 January 2020 between National Treasury’s Jobs Fund and GreenCape, the Green Outcomes Fund (GOF) provides outcomes-based matched (concessional) funding to local investment funds (our Catalytic Finance Partners) to support investments into local SMMEs that make a demonstrable contribution to South Africa’s green economy, as well as job and enterprise creation in priority impact areas. This is also made possible by catalytic support from the FirstRand Foundation.

How it works

The Green Outcomes Fund, in partnership with The Jobs Fund, will incentivise the Catalytic Finance Partners (CFPs) that it has partnered with to invest in green businesses, as well as track verifiable green metrics. The green outcomes have been developed with small and growing business, funds, and are in line with international impact investing standards.

How you can get involved 


If you are a Green SMME 

EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST TO THE CFPs as a green business that is raising finance

If you are an early-stage, investment-ready business working in clean energy, waste, water, sustainable agriculture, or developing green products, get in touch with our Catalytic Finance Partners to apply directly. See links below. 


Click here for more information on Edge Growth Venture's investment mandate, application details, application process and contact details. 

Click here for more information on Business Partners' investment mandate, application details, application process and contact details. 

  • Conservation International Ventures: Request a Funding Application Form via email, by submitting a description about your business (200 words max)

Click here for more information on Conservation International Venture's investment mandate, application details, application process and contact details.

  • Mergence Investment Managers: Investment proposals can be sent via email

Click here for more information on the Mergence investment mandate, application details, application process and contact details.



If you are interested in being a potential Catalytic Finance Partner

ACCELERATE YOUR INVESTMENT IMPACT as a potential Catalytic Finance Partner

If you’re investing in small businesses or green businesses, but need a little support to invest in small, green businesses, you might be a good fit. Use your expression of interest to tell us how outcomes funding would help you reach more green SMEs. 

Please click here to see the current call for Expression of Interest - Deadline:  4 June 2020

Please click here to express interest 


If you are interested in being a Grant Funder

PARTNER WITH US to support green investment opportunities

GOF is available to philanthropic, aid, and development organisations seeking to generate impact in the green economy. Get in touch and become a part of this unique model creating impact in the green economy.


GOF Catalytic Finance Partners

The local Catalytic Finance Partners (CFPs) of the Green Outcomes Fund are Mergence Investment Managers, Edge Growth, Conservation International Ventures Fund and Business Partners South Africa. Each of the CFPs have investment mandates that direct their funding decisions. 


GOF Design Partners

The Green Outcomes Fund is the result of a World Bank Climate Technology Program pilot initiated in 2016, with the Bertha Centre, GreenCape and WWF-SA as the main design partners, set out to test whether a green outcomes-based impact investing fund of funds mechanism would stimulate growth in the South African green economy. The Green Outcomes Fund is aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and mobilises private capital in support of these global goals.

Click here to access the full Green Outcomes Fund presentation