Solar PV Tender Management Vendor Registration
  Oct 25, 2019     Solar PV, Energy Services, Smart Electricity, Energy Efficiency, SSEG, Renewable Energy, green economy, solar, energy, News

Several businesses, interested in exploring solar PV, struggle to select a solar PV EPC due to the fact that they receive numerous quotations from various EPCs (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) selling a solar PV system. The quotes vary in terms of: system size, layout of panels, technology to be used, payback periods, tariff increase forecasts, financial models and so on.

Envireo aims to provide a simplified and competitive solar PV procurement service to our clients. This service will aim to be cost effective, objective, rapid process, managing comparable quotes, ensure a seamless procurement process as well as provide insights into the solar PV industry’s rules, regulations and trends.

Envireo is a private entity which is 100% owned by The GreenCape Sector Development Agency. From time to time GreenCape has been asked to deliver work that is separate from the its traditional mandate, but aligned to the overall vision of accelerating the development of the green economy. 

Envireo are looking for partners with a strong record in solar PV installations, within the commercial and industrial sectors, in South Africa. Below are the minimum criteria that our partners need to meet:
  • At least a total of 5 MWp of solar PV installed to-date.
  • At least a single installation larger than 250 kWp.
  • Can offer a turnkey or PPA solution to clients.
  • Registered a SSEG solar PV system with a South African municipality.

The deadline for submissions is COB Friday, 8th November 2019. Completed submissions can be sent to Envireo at

To access the full Terms of Reference, click here.

If you meet the qualifying criteria, access and complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form by clicking here. Please submit the completed EOI form before the deadline.