Market intelligence

Through close working relationships with businesses, investors, government, and academia, GreenCape’s sector desks are in a unique position to collect, create, and disseminate free market intelligence on the green economy.

They share intelligence through GreenCape’s annual flagship market intelligence reports, ad hoc communication with our members, and meetings and events.

Market intelligence reports (MIRs)

Who are they for? Our reports are written for investors and businesses who are currently active or interested in green economy sectors in the Western Cape and South Africa.

What's in them? Each report provides an overview of the market within a sector, including key developments and achievements, the key players, legislation and regulation, market opportunities and challenges, funding opportunities, and an overview of general green economy investment opportunities.

2022 Reports

To view a video summary of the opportunities identified in all of the 2021 reports, click here. To view sector specific summaries, click the relevant links below:

2021 Reports

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Earlier MIRs

2014 Renewable energy MIR

2014 Waste MIR

2014 Water MIR

2014 Green construction MIR

2014 Energy efficiency MIR


Please contact us for hard copies of any of our MIRs.